Reasons for Low Water Pressure in Shower

Water from shower is undoubtedly refreshing and comforting. Especially in the evening, warm water from the shower relaxes your body and contributes to releasing your stress in preparation for better rest and sleep.  Sometimes, we feel like our shower tends to produce low water pressure and blame the water line, shower trouble even water pipes. If you feel like starting to get frustrated with the low water pressure of your shower, here are reasons for low water pressure.   

Old Model Shower Head

There are old model shower head with low-flow water as a means of conserving water. This results to low shower water pressure and is sometime frustrating. Upgrading into a latest model of shower head could be the best answer to your complain. It has the capacity to maximize the volume of water available in your line resulting to a much satisfying shower. You can find more details on Reasons for low water pressure on the site ultimateguide.

Shower Head is blocked

Minerals could be deposited in your shower head. If you notice, there are residues and salt-like substance stuck in your shower head after using it for several months. Good thing, the detachable cover can be easily unscrewed.  Clean the head more often to prevent substances from blocking the shower head.

Problems with Plumbing system

Problems with plumbing system refer to the problems on pipes. Some pipes may leak because they may be too old and rotten. Some pipes are too wide and water does not directly go to your shower resulting to a low pressure of water.  Such case may be difficult to solve because it may require you to hire plumber and change your plumbing system.

Problem with water pressure regulator

Faulty with your regulator surely affects the water pressure of your shower.  While some fault may increase the volume of water and put much pressure on the water, sometimes the fault may cause the opposite and that means slowing the pressure.

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