Everything You Needed to Know about Drug Tests: The Marquis Test Kit

You should know how drug tests work in order to better pass them, especially if you have used drugs and you're attempting to avoid being fired for it from your job. Such tests involve foil pack panels you're supposed to remove from their packaging. From there, take its cap off of the test end and then immerse the panel with urine for about 10 to 15 seconds. Additionally, you can discover the secret to passing drug tests by ordering your own marquis test kit right now. Anyway, when providing urine samples, these panels should have arrows indicating where you're supposed to put the urine, whether you're using a single panel or multi-panel test card.

The Details of Testing Finally Revealed

  • Clinical Considerations: Many commercial drug tests like Marquis make use of the dip test that works kind of like a pregnancy test. You dip the panel into the urine like with the pregnancy test then wait for lines to form to get your results. With that in mind, clinical considerations must be taken into consideration since these commercial tests mainly serve as screeners. A lab test must be done to fully confirm drug abuse since false positives can happen. The wimscilabs has more information on the marquis test kit.
  • Result Interpretation: There are three results to expect when undergoing a drug test—negative, positive, and invalid. A negative result will have things like two lines appearing on the panel, with one colored line being red and the other being blue or something. The negative result indicates that the drug concentration is below levels of detection. A positive result should then involve one line appearing in one region, which means detection has occurred.
  • When an Invalid Result Occurs: If the control line doesn't appear at all, then the panel has been compromised or the urine sample has been tampered with. The control line is there to indicate that the specimen volume is insufficient or not. There might also be incorrect techniques used in the procedure that has led to no lies forming. Get another panel, review the procedure, and do it right until you actually get results. If the test line appears even if faint then that's still a negative result.
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