Google Ranking Factors Revealed

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All websites aim to be on the highest rank in Google search.  Of course, when you are on top, your site is likely to be clickable and potentially will have more visitors.  SEO is very important and this is what SEO would do.  Boost your page and help it be on top ranks.  However, the requirements of SEO are changing from time to time.  It’s a need that you will know the Google ranking factors and improve your Google ranking.

What is Google Ranking?

Google ranking is actually the Google’s system of counting link votes and its way of determining which the most important pages are. These scores are then used together with other things to determine if a page will rank first in the list in a search on seoexpert brad.

Well optimized page or sites get more and more traffic over time. And of course, it would also mean more leads and sales. If your page is not optimized, searchers won’t be able to find your site even if you have the most beautiful content. 

Google Ranking Factors

  1.  Make sure that your page is secure and accessible.  Get this people! You need your page to have the right kind of URL.
  2. Page Speed comes next.  A fast-loading page is what Google wants in order for users to have better web experience.
  3. Optimize your content.  Keyword is one of your keys to get your page optimized. These are common words that usually being typed in the search engine and is related to the topic you are searching. 
  4. Make your page mobile friendly.  Because most people access the internet through mobile phones, make sure that your page is supported with software used in mobile phones.  Surely, your page will reach more users and it will be viewed more than PC alone.