Hot and Cold Water Mixing Valve: How does it Work?

I’m sure you’ve experienced this funny incident when you turned on your shower and was about to jump in fright because the water touching your body is too hot? Yes! Just because you forgot or simply did not mix well the hot and cold water for it to be comfortably warm.  A lot of people have experienced this.  In fact, there were some who accidentally got minor burns because of this. 

In areas where tap water is too cold because the weather is naturally cool, hot and cold showers are necessary.  However, it sometimes causes accident especially to children. If you want to get more details about hot water mixing valve, you may visit on

Good news! You can install hot and cold water mixing valve to your pipes so that the tap water coming from your faucet is comfortably warm. This is something to do with plumbing so I guess it is not so familiar to you.

How does Hot and Cold Water Mixing Valve works?

There is a difference in terms of comfort when you mixed cold water with hot water on tap.  And not just comfort, it also contributes to safety of water being used by your family.  Why? Because most of your water will be stored in your hot tank, however, you can readily and comfortably use it as warm because it will just be mixed with cold water.  Technically, the device would allow you to set the water heater to a higher temperature to prevent bacteria from growing, and mixing it with cold eliminates the concern of water being to be so hot.  It prevents family members from burns and injuries due to scalding.

You may just purchase a hot and cold water mixing valve online or at hardware near you.  Then you may contact a plumber to install it, or watch DIY installation from YouTube.