weight loss is More on Water Loss Than Actually Losing Weight

Are You Losing Weight or Just Losing Body Fluids?

Many weight loss products in the market as well as Houston weight loss clinicsclaimmiraculous body fat loss in just a few days or weeks. Such claims are followed by many testimonies implying the effectiveness of the product. Claims of 10-30 pounds in a week, no exercise, no anything.These are near impossible claims, except of course if its water their losing.

Losing More Water During Initial Dieting

Upon the initial start of weight reduction, the body first metabolizes glycogen. Glycogenis composed of 75 percent water and 25 percent glucose. Obviously, its breakdown produces asignificant amount of water as a by-product. Consumption of glycogen accounts for 4 to 5 grams of body weight per gram.

With constant dieting, glycogen levels in the body are depleted and so the body begins to take on the stored adipose fats. Fats, having double the energy than carbohydrates can provide, requires moremetabolism of it to have visible changes on the body. (Fats gives 9 calories per gram while Carbohydrates gives only about 4 calories per gram).Fats gives more energy that is why the body's necessity of breaking it down occurs much seldom than in sugars. That being said, it is probable that looseweightez gets tougher on the way.

Fraudulent Pills

Unfortunately, some manufacturers who claiminstant weight reduction in their products knew of these facts but still aren’t informative to the general public. Some even claim likewise and show prompt results but are actually just incorporating diuretics in their products. These diuretics are medications which increase water and salt excretion from our body.Such fraud claims are obviously just to attract consumers for initial purchasing of their products.

Therefore, a sensible body weight reduction program should focus on body fat reduction. In the long run, lifestyle changes in diet and exercise give far more successful results than any artificial product.