Losing Your Car Keys Fob: What to Do

Misplacing your car keys can ruin your day – you get locked out of your own vehicle, you get stranded, and worse, you get paranoid at the thought of someone finding your car key fob and using it to steal your vehicle one of these days. Replacing your car keys will need some time and money and if you do not want to worsen the situation, you have to act right away. Here are some tips:

Determine what kind of fob you have

Different cars have different fobs with different sensors and as a car owner, you should know what type you have. Some are able to send signals to the car’s battery boxes while some are only able to unlock your car. Having this information beforehand will help you know what kind of replacement you need. This information can also make looking or an aftermarket replacement key if you plan to buy a replacement fob right after. Get more interesting information about Car key made on afalocksmith-birmingham.com.

Recall your warranty

The next thing you should do is to remember if you still have warranty. Some car warranties cover key replacements so it is possible to just have your car towed to your dealer and you do not have to pay for a replacement.

Contact a locksmith

If your vehicle’s warranty has expired or car key replacements are not covered, you should contact a trusted locksmith to have a car key made. The locksmith will rekey your car locks and ignition in order to respond to your new key fob. This is a more affordable choice compared to getting a new one from your dealer and it does not take much time.

Go to your dealer

Some key fobs are very technical or advanced and may need the help of a certified mechanic from your dealer. Dealerships generally charge more than locksmiths but they also will work on your car fast.