Be Musically Entertained by Anuel AA Verizon Theatre Grand Prairie

Are you searching for another weekend musical escape? Then it's time to satisfy the famous Anuel AA Verizon. Then perhaps it's time to get to understand this celebrity.

Getting to Know Anuel AA Verizon

Having a real name of Emmanuel Gazmay Santiago, Anuel AA Verizon was born in Carolina, Puerto Rico along with a buddy of a rapper Tempo. He was first introduced into the music sector as rapper as he released his record"Demonia" in 2011. After his published albums are some jobs that collaborated with Jory Boy, Magazeen,'' De La Ghetto, Arcangel in addition to Ozuna who were overly famous in the rap market.

Along with Bryant Meyers, Anuel AA Verizon became famous as he struck "Esclava". His first single"Sola" has received compliments from fellow rappers not to mention the sprouting fans. More information about anuel aa verizon theatre at grand prairie on grandprairietheatre.

People love Anuel's music because it talks about issues of road life, violence, and drugs: problems that struck folks nowadays. Through his songs, people can relate and connect issue in existence.

Once in his own life, he was charged with illegal possession of firearms along with other companions, and got herself to prison for couple of decades. After he was released from prisonhe still pursued his passion in music as well as published his full-length album which made him to be included in Billboard Top Latin Albums. Amazingly, he had been included in Billboard in only 24 hours.

The rapper/singer will be doing in such a great musical arrangement, hence you should reserve your tickets today!